My 3 step process
The process

When taking on new projects, I use the following 3-step process for all types of work: Design > Development > Deployment.

Each stage of the process is breifly explained below to give you, as potential clients, the opportunity to see what level of service you receive for any type of project I work on.

Design Design

Consultancy - Before a project can begin, the most important part of the project is to understand the purpose of a website and what you want to achieve from it. As well as completing the initial quote submission form, I like to speak to my clients to better understand how they want their site to look and insist on strong communication throughout a projects life cycle.

Requirements Gathering - This stage of the process is important as it gives you as the client the opportunity to tell me what you want. I can then get a better understanding of what is required, offer my input and can then lay down the first stepping stones.

Design Concepts - Once all of the requirements have been gathered and I have a sense of what my clients what to achieve, I can then move onto initially designing some drafts of the actual web pages as static Photoshop documents (PDS's) so that you can see a visual representation of how the finished website could look and gives you the opportunity to provide feedback before the coding stage begins.

This stage can also include logo design for you if you don't have an existing brand along with any other appropriate branding including business cards, marketing material, letterheads and even full branding guidelines for your business or organisation to use in the future.

Content Definition – Defining the content that that you want to display on your website or in your graphics request (flyers, posters etc..) will not only make the design phase easier but it will speed up the development phase. I also offer my assistance to help aid in the creation of content.

Domain name registration & Hosting - Finding an available domain name and hosting package can be confusing if your not sure what to do. I can remove the hassle of you needing to do this by arranging for your domain to be hosted and registered as part of the service I provide.

Development develop

Architecture - Before starting the actual design phase, it is important that the structure of the site be defined so that a logical navigation system can be put in place. I'm happy to discuss this with you and also inform you how this can work on a website and how visitors will find their way around your site.

Easy to find content and simple navigation means that any user will get the most out of visiting your site.

Wireframing - Once an idea has been discussed, I like to create a digital wireframe document to help me with the build phase and to show you as the client how your site will be built from a technical perspective and to show the differences with each page template.

Build – This is most important stage of the development cycle. I combine all the elements listed in the design stage and take on board what has been discussed and begin to create your site using the concept designs and technical wireframes.

I implement and utilize web technologies such as, HTML and CSS for overall look and feel, jQuery to provide excellent dynamic functionality to enhance the user experience, and fantastic platforms such as WordPress, Concrete5 or Joomla fto provide content management solutions for those who want to manage their own content.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - SEO plays an integral part to the success of your website because you could have the best looking website in the world but, if no one can find it on a search engine, then it's a waste of money. That said, I make sure that there is an extensive list of Keywords to describe your site so that search engines can pick up your site increase you page ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Deployment deploy

Testing – A cycle of regression and confidence testing is completed prior to launch to ensure that your site will not break as soon as its put live.

The Launch – This is showtime. At this stage your site is put live to the world and submitted to popular search engines.

Additional support - Once your new website is up and running, you'll almost certainly want to make changes to it from time to time, whether it be updates to content or adding new pages.

I do offer a maintenance service without any monthly/annual fees. You will simply be charged by the minute for any work carried out and invoiced once the work has been completed.